Adobe Spark Book reports

When I first mentioned the word book report to the students I received a lot of grumbles and groans. They were thinking of the all the pages they would have to write about this book they read. However, instead of the typical book report my students created websites about their books. We used Adobe Spark to create mesmerizing and intriguing book reports that would catch someone’s attention. The students followed a rubric of elements to include in their project, but were able to include their own creativity. The students published the links of their projects to a padlet where they were able to look at each other’s projects. Many students were instructed in the books their classmates read after looking at their report.

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Tone and Mood Breakout

The students took off on a space mission to complete a tone and mood breakout. This breakout is basically a virtual puzzle where students are given a starting puzzle that leads them to more puzzles as they solve the previous activities. The students got into groups of two or three to complete the breakout together. During the breakout students had to complete puzzles that pertained to tone and mood. They read passages, looked at images, and solved space themed riddles. I created this breakout to assess my student’s knowledge of tone and mood. They had a great time and had no idea they were actually being tested while they solved the puzzles.

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Book Tastings

On December 15th, our class took a trip to Bistro 226 (the library) for a book tastings. The students sat at a table with a specific genre and “tasted” books. They had to choose a book to write a review on at each table. The students reviewed the cover, summary, and the first few pages. After 5 minutes they would rotate to a new table with a different genre. While they were rotating through tables they filled out a wish list of books to be checked out in the future or they could get a book “to-go” which meant they absolutely loved it and wanted to check it out right away. The students had a great time tasting books and discovered with genre caught their attention.


Charging the Chromebook

lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-yoga-11e-windows-black-cover-9We are having a lot of issues with chromebooks not being charged when students come to school. Issues we are hearing are “I didn’t even use the chromebook at night” or “I did charge it, but it’s still dead”

How to fix these issues….

  1. When the chromebook is simply closed it is not turned off and therefore still using battery. The only time the chromebook will not use battery is when it is completely turned off. Simply shutting the chromebook will not turn it off. It is technically in “sleep mode” and will still use battery. That’s why even thought the chromebook isn’t being used the battery still dies.
  2. If the chromebook is plugged in, but still didn’t charge it could be that the plug was not in the chromebook all the way. Another problem could be that the two parts of the charging cord have come undone or are not pushed together enough. The charging cord has and AC adapter and then a cord going from the adapter to the wall to charge. If the adapter isn’t plugged in all the way to the wall cord it will not charge the chromebook.

Please make sure your student is correctly charging their chromebook at night. The school will soon be creating consequences for students that forget their chromebook or when they do not come fully charged. Please let any teacher know if you have any other questions or concerns about the chromebook.


screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-2-37-15-pmWe have stared using a new learning management system called Schoology! In schoology the students each of their courses on their schedules where the teachers can post assignments and make quizzes. In my class I make a folder for the whole week and within that folder there is a folder for each day of the week. On the folder description I type the directions for the day. Within those folders is all the materials or links they will need for that day (a picture is below). If a student has missed a day of school this makes it super easy for them to see what they missed. You can always ask to see your student’s schoology page to see if they are missing work. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about Schoology.screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-2-35-29-pm