JMU Field Trip

Today, we spent the day on the JMU campus. We started off the overcast morning at the John C. Wells Planetarium where we traveled all over the galaxy visiting our neighboring planets. We also got to see a lot of winter constellations. Our second stop was to the Science on a Sphere. The students learned what type of carbon footprint they are leaving on the earth and what affect the melting of the ice caps will do to Disney World and even us. We finished our day with a nature walk around the Edith J. Carrier Arboretum where the students learned about some native plants that bloom only at the early signs of Spring. Overall, we had a great day and they students learned a lot about Science.

Below is a picture of my 1st block class outside Memorial Hall on JMU campus.


Grammar Breakout

Today, we did a grammar breakout made by some awesome ITRTs here in Rockingham County. The students were put through a series of virtual puzzle that helped them solve the break out. Some of the skill they used were correct use of homophones, subject / verb agreement, and independent or dependent clauses. We plan to do more in the future and as you can see they had a lot of fun!

(If the slideshow is not playing click on the link)

Grammar Breakout Session by Slidely Photo Gallery

Library Lesson

Today, we went to the library for Mrs. Sonifrank to teach us about text features. The students saw a PowerPoint of the text features they must know. Second, we highlighted various text features from an article about The Titanic. Third, the students did a scavenger hunt around the library looking for various text features in nonfiction books. Lastly, the students did a task card quiz where they walked around the back of the library answering questions. We are now experts at finding text features!


Charging the Chromebook

lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-yoga-11e-windows-black-cover-9We are having a lot of issues with chromebooks not being charged when students come to school. Issues we are hearing are “I didn’t even use the chromebook at night” or “I did charge it, but it’s still dead”

How to fix these issues….

  1. When the chromebook is simply closed it is not turned off and therefore still using battery. The only time the chromebook will not use battery is when it is completely turned off. Simply shutting the chromebook will not turn it off. It is technically in “sleep mode” and will still use battery. That’s why even thought the chromebook isn’t being used the battery still dies.
  2. If the chromebook is plugged in, but still didn’t charge it could be that the plug was not in the chromebook all the way. Another problem could be that the two parts of the charging cord have come undone or are not pushed together enough. The charging cord has and AC adapter and then a cord going from the adapter to the wall to charge. If the adapter isn’t plugged in all the way to the wall cord it will not charge the chromebook.

Please make sure your student is correctly charging their chromebook at night. The school will soon be creating consequences for students that forget their chromebook or when they do not come fully charged. Please let any teacher know if you have any other questions or concerns about the chromebook.


screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-2-37-15-pmWe have stared using a new learning management system called Schoology! In schoology the students each of their courses on their schedules where the teachers can post assignments and make quizzes. In my class I make a folder for the whole week and within that folder there is a folder for each day of the week. On the folder description I type the directions for the day. Within those folders is all the materials or links they will need for that day (a picture is below). If a student has missed a day of school this makes it super easy for them to see what they missed. You can always ask to see your student’s schoology page to see if they are missing work. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about Schoology.screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-2-35-29-pm

Figurative language projects

December 12-20: The student created a short story in a group setting with 4 to 5 students using many digital tools and incorporated the 6 figurative language terms as learned in class. The technology tools that were used were: google drawing, google docs, and explain everything.

Here are some of the videos that were created…. (they may take a little to load)